Mass-rearing of insects workshop

Estimated cost: R5001 – R10 000
Field Of Study: Biology
Department Name: Conservation Ecology and Entomology


¿ Review basic information regarding key principles of mass-rearing of insects.
¿ Adapt available knowledge to the specific South African context.
¿ Relay principles of insectary design and construction, process management and insect pathology.
¿ Discuss logistical considerations such as health and safety of insectary workers and principles of insect nutrition.
¿ Review theory and technique of quality control of insect breeding facilities.
¿ Visit local insect breeding facilities in Cape Town and in Stellenbosch.

Entry Requirement: Advanced Certificates/Diploma/or Equivalent Qualification
Certificate Type: Attendance
Duration: 1 week
Presentation Language: English
Contact Person Name: CS Bazelet
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Phone: () 808 9416
Latest Year Offered: 2017