Leadership and Management

Estimated cost: R1001 – R5000
Field Of Study: Executive Development
Department Name: USB-ED


Academic and teaching departments and support or service units are the core of your university institution. They are the first-line units through which your institution fulfils its mission, serves its students and the community, and most directly engages in discovering and disseminating knowledge. These units do the 'work' of the university, and in many ways the major purpose of much of the rest of the university is to support them.
In the four modules of this course we hope to give you some ideas and suggestions on how to improve the functioning of your department and your institution, while at the same time making your role more satisfying and rewarding.

Entry Requirement: Grade 12/Matric Certificate
Certificate Type: Attendance
Duration: 1 month
Presentation Language: English
Latest Year Offered: 2017