Young Minds Programme in Entrepreneurship and Management

Estimated cost: More than R20 000
Field Of Study: Executive Development
Department Name: USB-ED


The main aims of the Young Minds Programme is to train, guide and support young adults to prepare themselves for the world of study, work and life in general. In order to achieve this objective, the programme focusses on four broad developmental areas:
¿ Personal mastery: Discover who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Develop an internal locus of control and learn how to manage yourself to achieve success, happiness and fulfilment in life.
¿ Entrepreneurship: Develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, behaviours and cultivate the ability to spot opportunities and use own initiative to capitalise on them.
¿ Business management: Apply basic principles of marketing, operations, HR and finances, as well as leadership and management to plan and manage a small business venture or any other project effectively.
¿ Exploring the real world of work and business (practical application of knowledge in real world of work and business).
¿ Presentation skills: Apply presentation skills to

Entry Requirement: Grade 12/Matric Certificate
Certificate Type: Competence
Duration: 10 Months
Presentation Language: English
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Phone: (021) 918 4488
Latest Year Offered: 2017