An Introduction to public sector evaluation in South Africa

Estimated cost: R1001 – R5000
Field Of Study: Public Administration and Evaluation
Department Name: Centre for Research on Science and Technology (Crest)


Main objective is to improve participants' understanding of public sector evaluation-related policies, good practices and role-player relationships among evaluators, public servants and commissioners in South Africa To enhance participants' understanding of key evaluation concepts as applied in the public sector To improve participants' understanding of the processes, roles and structures commonly associated with evaluations commissioned in the public sector To improve participants' understanding and comprehension of public sector evaluation standards and competences as applied in practice To equip participants with the requisite understanding to proactively address and resolve potential barriers to successful public sector evaluations The short course will do this by pursuing the following subsidiary objectives:
To introduce participants to the key legislative and policy frameworks for undertaking evaluation in the public sector

Entry Requirement: Advanced Certificates/Diploma/or Equivalent Qualification
Certificate Type: Competence
Duration: 2 days
Presentation Language: English
Contact Person Name: RM Langford
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Phone: (021) 8084512
Latest Year Offered: 2017