Introduction to Python Programming for Biologists

Estimated cost: R1001 – R5000
Field Of Study: Bioinformatics
Department Name: Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


To provide training in basic concepts in programming in Python 3. Attendees will be in introduced to elementary concepts such as variables and data structures. This will be followed by using variables in different types of loops, such as for and while loops, as well as conditional execution of code. Attendees will also be trained to read and write files to and from a hard disk, and using functions to increase coding efficiency. Object orientation and using classes will also be taught, and attendees will also be shown how to perform basic debugging.

Entry Requirement: Professional 3-year Bachelor’s degree/Advanced Diploma or Equivalent Qualification
Certificate Type: Attendance
Delivery Mode: Blended
Duration: 1 week
Presentation Language: English
Contact Person Name: OI Van Wyk
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Phone: (021) 808 9514
Latest Year Offered: 2020