Accreditation declaration



1.    Registration of Stellenbosch University as provider of education and training courses and programmes.
All public higher education institutions are accredited by the Department of Education as providers of Higher Education and Training programmes.  This accreditation took place by default with the introduction of SAQA (1996) and other Higher Education related legislation (e.g. the HE Act in 1997).  Only private providers of higher education have to formally apply for accreditation as providers.  Stellenbosch University is therefore accredited as a provider by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and is registered on the SAQA list of Public Higher Education Providers.  Public Higher Education institutions do not receive provider accreditation/registration numbers from the Department of Education or from SAQA.

2.       Accreditation of short courses presented by Stellenbosch University
SAQA stopped recording short courses in November 2001. Since then SAQA’s policy is that all short course providers are required to initiate the accreditation process with their Education and Training Quality Assurer (ETQA). Existing ETQAs include SETAs, the Council for Higher Education’s Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) and Umalusi. In Stellenbosch University’s case this is the HEQC. The HEQC intends to delegate the responsibility for the accreditation of short course programmes to higher education institutions themselves provided they have developed criteria to assure the quality of their short course programmes. All short courses offered by Stellenbosch University are accredited by the University by means of its quality assurance systems and mechanisms that have been approved by the Council on Higher Education (CHE)/HEQC, and it therefore complies with SAQA regulations. 

3.       Claiming Skills Levy Funds
The Skills Development Levies Act provides for recovery of the levy payment based on the submission of Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs), Workplace Skills Implementation Plans (WSIPs) and the submission of the names of skills development facilitators (SDFs). Stellenbosch University meets all these requirements. Companies or institutions whose employees attend short courses accredited and offered by Stellenbosch University can claim money from their Skills Levy Funds, if these short courses are incorporated into their companies’ skills plans which they submit to the SETAs.


For further clarificaton please see Accreditation Status of SU


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