Introduction to R: management, exploration, and communication of data

Estimated cost: R5001 – R10 000
Field Of Study: Statistics
Department Name: DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA)


R is an open-source, statistical software platform that is growing in popularity due to its rapidly expanding number of libraries containing cutting edge statistical functions, as well as the user-friendly, built-in communication tools in RStudio. Course participants will build on their basic working knowledge of base R, and will learn good coding practice, import and clean data, the basics of analysing and visualising data, and reporting results. Specific topics that will be covered include ¿thinking code¿, importing and exporting data, cleaning/tidying data, joining datasets, dealing with dates and factor/categorical variables, and summarizing data using basic descriptive statistics, plots, and tables.

Entry Requirement: Professional 4-year Bachelor’s degree /Bachelor Honours degree or Equivalent Qualification
Certificate Type: Attendance
Delivery Mode: Contact
Duration: 1 week
Presentation Language: English
Contact Person Name: F Bruce
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Phone: (021) 8082589
Latest Year Offered: 2024